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Workzone has been established as the ONLY UK association specifically acting for persons working within all types of professions, employment, occupations and activities requiring the highest level of recruitment protection falling under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exceptions) Order 1975.

We aim to ensure Workzone members will have the best possible qualifications for their chosen position and, essentially, a Criminal Records Disclosure Certificate as defined under the Act for membership of Workzone. This site will be able to demonstrate to prospective clients, at a glance, your particular experience and fitness to perform your role at all levels.

Flexible career pathways between sectors, are sometimes difficult to accomplish without the correct documentary evidence and Workzone bridges that gap immediately. We recognise the unique qualities and contributions of individual professions and seek to enhance your profile with online, qualified information.

Workzone is able to cover approximately 3,700.000 workers including:


  • Working with children (eg. care, training, supervising, sports coach, teacher)
  • Working with vulnerable adults (e.g. independent care, assisting with drug addition)
  • Medical practitioners
  • Nannies
  • Barristers, solicitors, legal executives, foreign lawyers
  • Chartered Accountants
  • Financial services positions
  • Dentists, dental hygienists
  • Foster carers
  • Children & family social workers
  • Nurses, midwifes
  • Pharmaceutical Chemists
  • Osteopaths
  • Registered Chiropractors
  • Actuaries, accountants
  • Persons concerned with the provision of health services
  • Firearms dealers
  • Persons living on premises where childminding takes place
  • Persons living in same household as another whose suitability is being assessed for their work with children


Membership of Workzone exhibits your honesty and integrity in your selected employment.

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